It looks like any other street..

But it isn't.

Why do weird things happen on Garden Ave?

Why is this nondescript neighbourhood  host

to events that cause such fear?

Thrills, chills and spills await, as the boundaries

of natural law disappear.

Best be mindful where you wander,

or you could end up on Garden Ave.


Garden Ave Season 01 Official Trailer

What Is "Garden Ave?"

Kids and a Supercomputer, What Could Go Wrong?

Garden Ave is an indie web series for kids filmed in Toronto, Canada by local music producer Ruben Huizenga. It is an ongoing labour of love that features the acting talents of family and friends.

Having started filming in 2013, Huizenga wished to create a series of shorts reminiscent of the television he, his brothers and sister were exposed to in 1980's rural Ontario. Reruns of "Doctor Who," "The Twilight Zone" and "Star Trek" of course being favourites, alongside local productions like "Hilarious House of Frightenstein," "Today's Special," and weird TVOntario imports like: "Once Upon a Time... Man."

The campiness, comedy, scariness and ridiculous melodrama are partly intentional, and partly Huizenga trying to figure out the craft of film making.

This included not only fleshing out story lines with zero budget, but wrestling with 50 year old 8mm film cameras, (which he felt was essential to create distance for the viewer.)

The result is ten episodes of grainy memories and good fun.

So, if you're home sick on a rainy Tuesday, get good rest, drink plenty of liquids, and come visit Garden Ave.


Garden Ave Season 01 Ep01 "The Girl in the Park"

Garden Ave Season 01 Ep02 "The Permanent Children" 

Garden Ave Season 01 Ep03 "Instruction in Darkness"

Garden Ave Season 01 Ep04 "A Peculiar Visitor" 

Garden Ave Season 01 Ep05 "A Brief Stopover" 

Garden Ave Season 01 Ep06 "The Count of Park Lawn Cemetery"

Garden Ave Season 01 Ep07 "Relic of Fear"

Garden Ave Season 01 Ep08 "In Search of Dr. Gorilla" Part 01

Garden Ave Season 01 Ep09 "In Search of Dr. Gorilla" Part 02

Garden Ave Season 01 Ep10 "Vladimir"